West Toowoomba Croquet Club

Newtown Park, 147a Taylor Street, Toowoomba 4350

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What's Croquet

Croquet is a game of strategy and precision played on a grass court with mallets, balls and hoops.

Games are usually played between 2 or 4 (doubles) players. More than one game can be played on the same court at the same time by using different coloured sets of balls.

Each player has two balls and the aim is to make each ball pass through each of the hoops in order and hit the peg in the centre of the court.

If you can make your ball hit any of the other balls you receive two extra shots. You can also earn an extra shot when your ball goes through the correct hoop. This is how experienced players can extend their ‘break’ to over 90 strokes.

There are a few different types of croquet which we play.

Aussie/Golf Croquet is great for beginners and kids. Players take turns hitting the ball through a hoop. The winner is the player who hits the most balls through the hoop. It’s easy to learn and fast to play.

Ricochet Croquet is similar to Aussie/Golf croquet but with added competition. If a player hits their opponent’s ball they score two extra shots.

Association Croquet is the most popular version of the game and is played at tournaments all over the world. This version is a race around a circuit of hoops in a particular order and direction. The Blue and Black balls play against the Red and Yellow balls. The first side to get both of their balls through the 12 hoops and hit the peg is the winner.

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